Penguin Guide: Moderation and Tourism

Club Penguin’s Moderation group could probably use a bit of work here and there. It isn’t very hard to become a Moderator, but you have to have been a CP member for a certain number of days and take a test based on common sense. I guess this solidifies CP’s faith that you are a loyal member, which is probably where the Moderation group falls short (because people only care about the label and not actually doing the job). Basically you can report people for not following the rules, but I have not seen excessive rule breaking in a long time. I guess times have changed, but there will still be rude people all over CP that you have no reason to report (according to CP). So they came up with and endorsed the “ignore” button. Big whoop.

Another kind-of-fail system of Club Penguin would be the Tour Guide system. Basically, you do the same as you would a Moderator, but more focused on the Tour aspect. It is cool to get a hat and be able to say some great things about each place in CP, but besides that no one really wants a tour, they can figure things out for themselves. It’s nice to have the opportunity while you can get it though.

Even though both of these systems are kind of pointless, it is nice to have them in your possession because in some cases you can get clothing items or special results from it, and it is a nice honor to become a Moderator or Tour Guide especially when you are starting out and are eager to help penguins and eventually help CP become a better place.

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