Featured Place: The Dock

The dock has been one of the most basic places since the foundation of Club Penguin. It is necessary for you to learn the basics of what goes down at the dock.

1. The dock is the prime spot during holiday seasons. Since there is a vast amount of space, you’ll often see changes happening here often. For example, an ice skating rink has replaced the emptiness for the holiday season. To be honest, it would be nice if CP kept this because the Ice Rink becomes a sports complex on the off season.

2. The dock is home to the Hydro Hopper. In this game, your penguin is suspended on a tube which is attached to a boat which is motoring ahead while you have to dodge or jump over obstacles. If you are a member, you can visit the catalog at the dock and you have an option of purchasing different designs of wakeboards that, if you walk into the game holding them, will replace that boring red tube.

The dock is also a nice place to meet new people, because there is a lot of space and no fighting over chairs or tables. It is a great place to make money and friends!

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