Featured Place: Iceberg

The Iceberg used to be a pretty boring, pointless place until a game was developed there. Penguins used to believe it was possible to “tip the iceberg” by taking out their hard hats and drilling, but after multiple times with many people and many tries, there was no success. Instead, a game was placed along the side of the berg for penguins to enjoy. This game is called Aqua Grabber. In this game, your penguin is suspended in a “aqua grabber” and you can collect coins on your undersea journey.

Besides the game, the Iceberg can be a relaxing place to get away from people of CP. If someone is bugging you, you can often escape to the Iceberg where they will not think to look for you. You also have a nice view of the Dojo and other places among CP on the Iceberg. Sometimes if you go at the right time, you’ll catch special lights illuminating the sky!

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